Who am I?

As an avid programming enthusiast, I am always thinking about code. Throughout my day I constantly find myself noticing the ways that software engineering affects the world around us throughout my day. Small things like traffic control systems, and larger things like aviation autopilot systems, all inspire me every day to get back to my office computer and work on my next problem.

My name is Bryson Coons. I was born and raised in Chesapeake, Virginia, and I have a passion for building community, solving difficult problems, and improving myself in the process.

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Recent Work

MTG DeckShare

A full-stack app to share Magic: The Gathering cards with your local community.

Live Site

NightLights Society Story Gallery

An API-based program to pull daily astronomy stories for the reader.

Live Site

Starlight DJ Services

A sleek, responsive website for a modern DJ company.

Live Site

Ron's Family Diner

A minimalistic design for a small, family-owned diner.

Live Site

About Me

I'm a South Norfolk-based web developer with accessibility in mind. Since the first time I touched a computer, I've been in love with the internet. Building applications isn't just another skill or trade; it's an opportunity to learn more about the world and how deeply interconnected it is. From my work in a number of different industries over the years, I've developed a thorough understanding of how to apply myself in this field in the most effective way possible.

Outside of the tech scene I enjoy performing in chamber orchestras and connecting with others online. Much of my time is spent learning about the local community and forming connections with new faces.

Get In Touch

Currently accepting new freelance clients, interesting projects, and cat pictures. Every job is different, so let's have a chat about your project and make it happen!